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Tarwhine on the bite


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I decided I would fish the top of the tide at my usual bream hole in Bulli.

The tide was high but much lower than I am used to for this type of fishing.

The water was warm but only 60 cm deep.

For the first hour I got nothing but snags then tried to keep my prawn up with a float....still zero.

I then switch reels to my braid set up an cast into the dark....

With my ever reliable servo prawn on hook I waited....then that unmistakable "WHACK" hit my line....having pulled the bait from a fish moment earlier I let this one devour the whole thing before I set the hook...then we were on...

The fish wen for about 5 hard runs and in the shallow water I was worried about busting off or getting snagged...I forgot how good it feels when you hook up on braid ....

After a brief fight I land my prize...a 34 cm Tarwhine




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Nice result, Elferoz. Must have felt like something else with all those runs. Sounds like they have more get up and go than a bream of the same size.

I've never caught a tarwhine big enough to keep, so it's nice to know that they come up well plated up. Thanks Novicefisherman.



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