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Central Coast Spots


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Gday all im heading up the central coast miday tommorow for a week for some work and will be staying preety much on umina beach and hoping to duck down after for a fish as the tides look rather good.. :thumbup:

Is umina beach worth fishing for your usual winter species or even mr jew :1naughty: ?

If not is there somewhere within a 15min drive worth it?

Have plenty of squid heads and strips which i would like to use up as they are fresh and give the jew ago or anything on the bite.lol.any hints,local knowdlege or past experiences would be greatly apreciated..

p,s land based



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hey trouble, i hope i havn't caught you too late... the sambos are on the chew near terrigal. Follow the crowds and you can't go wrong. :1fishing1:

In fact most central coast beaches at the moment have some sort of pelagic action. We have had success on them in the past few weeks. The bream seem a little thin on the ground but they are there.

I have found that calm days have been shithouse and the rough days best especially with an onshore breeze.

hope that helps :thumbup::thumbup:

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Cheers guys lots of good info in there.. :1clap::1clap:

Yeah the conditions seem to be looking good for when im up there, hopefully ill able to get a fish in before the southerly change and then fish it a day or two after it as it usually has paid off before..

And totaly agree about this flatness does no good for surf or rockfishing, ive turned it into my bait collecting period :thumbup:

Thanks for your help fellas and hopefully ill be able to put it all into use..


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