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The idea today was to try for a few squire or bream with plenty of burley. Anchored up at my usual spot useing slimy strips and prawns. an hour passed without a result :1prop: Moved on towards Swansea channel and started the process over again, one of the rods folded over and i struck got quite excited there for a while untill i realised it was the anchor rope :074:Ah well you gotta have a sense of humour with this fishing. 15 min later i scored a flatty, 48 cm. :1clap:The burly trail i had out attracted mega yellowtail, big buggers they were and they stayed there all morning, :thumbup: I had a lot of fun with them for about 2 hrs, i was trying to get a small one for a livey, no way untill i started getting slimies i pinned one and sent it down. Another negative but what the hell i had a pleasant day and i got a feed.Good luck all. :beersmile: Norm

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Guest fishrunner

Well done twinfisher, I'ld always rather be fishin.

Bet that anchor rope put up a fair fight :074:

cheers brad

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Nice to hear you had a good day out twinfisher...


And as you said, at least you got a feed...

Funny you should mention getting excited over catching the anchor rope, one of my mates managed to snap his rod in half whilst having a spirited battle with the anchor rope...


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Sounds like a good day out to me!

I love having a livey down. You are always in with a shot of getting something BIG!!!

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