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Outside Port Hacking


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Headed outside the Port for a change. Trolled early near Jibbon Point and Shark Island, hoping for a tailor, zero about.

Headed a bit south of Kurnell in Bate Bay, and the south bound current was roaring through, hard to hold bottom on a drift. A few just undersize blue spot flatties and plenty of little spikies, then the jackets moved in :mad3: . Huge schools of yellowtail feeding on tiny fish on the surface, dropped baits underneath for nothing. Tried a couple of drifts, then just let the current take me south.

Drifted to Little Marley (the current was roaring along) pulled out 3 blue spots to 45cm, 4 jackets under the 30cm mark and dozens of little spikies. The wind turned to the south, not too strong, but the current pushed the boat against the wind. Ended up a fair way past Little Marley and decided to head back. Trolled from there to a fair way north for nothing. About to give up, and a small school of frigates splashed about. Pulled out 2 on a small metal lure and they disappeared, so headed back in.

Cleaned the fish at mum's place, threw in the scraps and hooked up a little piece of frigate fillet. That produced a 37cm yellowfin bream with a black body, a little fatty that weighed 950grams.

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