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cowan creek report


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Headed up the creek on friday, started with a flick for squid at palm beach for donuts, headed round barrenjoey head for a troll with a few rapala x-rap lures and picked up a nice 52cm tailor. we figured we would head up the creek, throw a few lures around for some bream and flathead, what we got next was totally unexpected.

We started at cowen point, drifting about 15- 20 metres away from the rock well, we noticed something big kept breaking the surface eating the yakkas n chopper tailor there were destroying out SP's so i decided to put a chopper down as a livie. 5 minutes later the road loads up i let it run then strike handing my 6 pound braid 10 pound leader SP rod to my brother to hold, the fish then lets go of the lives and hits the SP which was motionless, couldnt beleive it, big first run, followed by 4 other big run with head shakes, im thinking soft plastic its gotta be a big jew. after a 20 minute battle we get out first view of a (approx 1.2metre) shark pinned right in the jaw, we went to gaff it and with one head shake the shark clips the leader with its teeth and off it swims.

We managed another smaller shark that took a livie jumped and as it jumped it bit through the 50lb leader. Also managed a few small flatties after that excitment.

Does any one know what type of shark it could of been?? It had smallish teeth and a tail that was longer on the top side than it was on the bottom part of it, has anyone caught sharks up there before, just looking for a name ill be able to tell if i see a pic.

All in all a very fun day heading back up again this week to chase them again!

Ps sorry for no pictures

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