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My son and I left roseville ramp, to test his new Shimano light spinning rod, soaking prawns: It is a replacement for the one who broke last week.

After a quick scare that the boat was full of water from the rainy days before, which it wasnt, we did have a quick stop just after spit bridge.

After a few nibbles, we moved on, and since the water was extremely calm, we had a stop in front of middle head.

I found a few echos of fish on my sounder so we decided to hang around for a while, catching a lot of undersized snapper.

Still lot of fun for Junior and me, especially the double hook up on undersized bream on ultralight gear.

Then we moved to the Saw and Pigs. There was a school of yellowtails right at the surface, but had no intention to take anything.

So a few more undersized snappers came up, and went down again.

The highlight was my son catching a decent size Rock Cod, which made his way into the dungeon, to be kept.

He did catch it with a plastic as bait, instead of a prawn. Very interesting.

He then hooked onto something much bigger, which just bent the rod straight town into the water, to then just

cut the line off. I think a flathead. We will see next time.

Probably out there again, with less prawns and more plastics.

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