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Harbour whiting and bream


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Hi Raiders.I took advantage of the great weather yesterday afternoon and had a session in the lower harbour's sandy spots with a high tide around 7.00pm I thought it would be worth trying.Got there around 4.00pm and fished till 9.00pm.I was using bloodworms for bait and noticed that on numerous occasions the hooks were bitten off with no bites or movement of the rod tip.At first I thought it was tailor but came to the conclusion that it is probably crabs or toads.Anyway after losing at least 6 hooks I finally started to catch some whiting the fish only bit for a period of two hours around the top of the tide.As the water is very shallow light leaders and minimal lead is necessary as are small shank hooks to allow the fish to swallow the baits.The whiting were around the 29 to 34cm range and the bream and tarwhine were legal fish.Anyway an enjoyable afternoon with a few fish for tea.

Cheers Steve


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G'day Steve,

I find the big soccerball-sized toads will slowly move up to the bait and eat it spaghetti style, then bite thru the line.

You will never see the rod tip move.

Check the trace. You will usually see one or two 'squashed line" marks on the trace, just above the bite-off point.

Their teeth are not that sharp but rather they sever the line with a scissor style bite that squashes the line until it parts.

Believe me you'd rather have them take the hook than bringing them into the boat for a photo.

I once netted one because it was so big and I wanted to photograph it.

It blew itself up after biting the line, while in the net.

It's spikes got tangled in the net and I couldn't get it out until it deflated itself....

I had to keep the net in the water, with the toad in it, for a while......

so I couldn't use the net on the other fish until the toad calmed down to detangle itself from the netting....

Lesson learnt....

Nice catch by the way - the whiting are beautiful....


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nice feed of whiting steve, I will have to organise a trip in my boat soon with you. I got a really good whiting on thursday night while fishing for jew and have wanted to try that spot with worms for a while now as the whiting are very common on the jew baits at this spot and they are big too!

I have 2 weeks off work in may so I will be in touch and see what we can tee up.


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