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Beach Fishing advice - flat seas


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Hi fellow raiders.

Was hoping someone could help me when it comes to surf beach fishing. I am only new to this form of fishing and have been out a few times at my local surf beach. Greenhills/Boat Harbour area.

The first couple of times I went the seas were fairly calm and not a big break on the waves and found some pretty good success catching whiting and the odd Aussie Salmon.

The last few time I have been the seas have been much bigger (rougher) and although have still caught some fish, I have found from the few visits I have tried the area fishes better when the sea is a little calmer.

rather than just pop up and guess or hope for the best when the best conditions to fish the area are, I was wondering if some of the more experienced beach anglers could offer some advice on what kind of conditions I should be looking for before heading out. For example on shore winds vs off shore winds. Wind from the SE or NW, or should I be looking for a combinations of factors, do I take into account the moon phase or tide change?

Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated.



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