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Day out fishing. Dollies at fads. 10/4


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With calm seas predicted was hoping to land some kings. Started the morning picking up some yakkas, got 15 in about 20min. Then spent the next hour lookong for squid... got zip.

With high tide coming at 8am we started outside the heads. Down rigged for a bit and got nothing. Conditions were so flat that we thought we'd give the harbour a go. Headed to old mans hat.. Dropped the riggers down... got one solid hook up and lost it. Everything then went quiet so we thought we'd give the fads a go. Doing 60km on the water we got there in no time.

At the fads you could see the dollies swimming around. Dropped a few lines down with pillies they ignored them. We then chucked the livies down and u coule see the dollies chase em. Caught 3 lost 3. Had no livies left so called it a day. Dollies went 62-68cm.

All in all great day on the water. Beats a day at work.


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A neighbour picked up 2 dollies earlier in the week at one of the FADs. He also tried Browns, but could not reach the bottom with 2 large sinkers because of the strong current heading north.

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