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midweek jew


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Hi raiders had an RDO yesterday so I decided to hit the harbour last night after a jew. it was a bit quite for the first few hours but I was happy just to be out on such a lovely night after all the wind that I have been putting up with on previous trips lately. I picked up a good size whiting in the first hour or so and the about two hours later I pulled the hook on what felt like a pretty good snapper - a lot of bump bump going on but different to the distinct head shake of a jew. All went quite after that until around 1 in the morning then suddenly one of the rods bent over and I was into a nice school jew, it hit the measuring tape at 73cm and I estimated it to be somewhere around 8 1/2 to 9 pound. I landed another at 50cm a bit later but released it.

cheers pete.


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Hi Pete always good to find the Jews. I reckon it's been pretty average this year for jewies so haven't done many sessions but heading out tomorrow night in MH. Can't remember the last time I caught a good fish. Fished Harbour Wednesday for bugger all except a huge tailor I dropped at the side of the boat. Cheers.


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