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LongReef Friday


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Hi Raiders,

went out from the ramp at Longreef this morning at about 6am.

What a beautiful morning. Flat as!

Very quiet at first tho. My Boss and I were in his tinny and just went out the front to a few close in spots. We usually pick up a bonnie or 2 on the way out but there was no surface actin today.We anchored up and picked up some bits and pieces (sargos and red rock cod), but it was very quiet.

We decided to pull the pin at about 9am but stopped on the way in....Ended up with 3 Trevs, 2 Taylor, and a good Flatty.. A magic morning on the water, not the best fishing but a good way to start the weekend. We were back at work by 10am. :sun:post-10917-0-48692300-1365774218_thumb.jpgpost-10917-0-48692300-1365774218_thumb.jpgpost-10917-0-17924700-1365774250_thumb.jpg

No fish worth a pic, but the conditions were amazing.



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