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IC Sunday Morning

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Went out for a couple of hours lure flicking around IC this morning. Real slow start but got into a few bream and whiting around 8 - 9am. Probably not all that unusual but picked up a blackfish on a little ecogear zx. Had pretty much chipped all the paint of this lure previously, so was a dodgy repaint job with some of my wifes nail polish. Anyway was fun ride on the bream gear - particularly dead lifting it out of the water - everything stayed together, so I grabbed a pic n tossed it back in the drink. (went 42 cm and nice and plump)

Was a nice finish to a fair mornings fishing apart from having the assist hook from this lure embedded in my palm and the other one in a bream. Quick surgery and few expletives later all good. How many times do you have to do this before you learn?? Broke one of the hooks on the little blade whilst de-hooking the black fish so wont have that problem again LOL



Cheers Blood Knot

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