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I,m in the market for a 2 speed reel, the ones that appeal to me are the Saltist/saltiga style reels.

I,m sure that somewhere on this forum there is a response that said that they never used the low gear.

Could any one who has experience with this kind of reel jump in here and tell how they are in the real world.

Thanks Chris

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I have a 2 speed shimano talica, use it mostly for kings and yes basically never use the low gear. The reel itself is beautiful and I like to know that if one day I come across the opportunity to chase marlin or tuna then having the two speed would be a big help. If you can afford it then there's no reason not to get a 2 speed talica or saltiga

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G'day mate I have a Saltiga 2 speed owned it for well over 2 years now and have never used the low gear. I use it for trollIng for kingies and down rigging for them. It's not a reel I'd ever intentionally use for marlin as it isn't holding that much line. For that I use both penn internationals and shimano tiagras.

It is however a great reel

Hope this helps

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