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At coffs can anyone give us any help in where to fish.


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Got my boat up here there. There has been some swell but weather looking good all week.

anyone got any idears where to fish.

Been told there is some good spanish and spotties around.

But anything different would be good.

Have my boy with me but if any one is keen to come 4 a run i have 5.5 cruise craft sent up for game fishing with a 140 four stroke.

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Hi briso,

I fish coffs mainly at Xmas time, so I'm not sure what's about this time of year! But I generally fish the eastern side of split solitary. Anchor up on the reef about 300m east of the island. Burley up with pillies, and there's a lot of good snapper around there. Have caught models up to 8kg. Also see a lot of boats head straight out from the ramp about 8-10km trolling. I generally troll all the way to the islands, had 2 marlin chase lures but didn't hook up. Solitary island not bad either, just be cautious of marine parks. Hope this helps!

Cheers scratchie!!!

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