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Wet windy woronora river

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Yes Raiders as the name suggests I was one of the fools who went out on the water yesterday, while the rest of sydney was in bed... I can tell you, yes it rained (hard), yes it was windy and yes, it was chilly, but despite all this we went out to catch some fish!

The session started with putting on rain jackets and moving over to our first spot fishing the base if a waterfall and sight casting at bream (however they were small) only to have some hits. It took until 8 and bucketing rain for the first fish to come on board which was a nice VERY fat 29cm taken on a crank bait from the front of a rock in the current


The next fish came 30 minutes (and even more rain) later which was my mate toms first EP of 26cm, also caught of the front of a rock in current.


After the wind decided it had enough of us heading up stream in the punt we made our way back, where tom caught a 40cm flatty and i dropped 2 EP boat side.


Overall we were very happy with the results, especially considering the weather and we couldnt reach prime positions! Nothing makes you feel accomplished when this happens.

Hope all the raiders were nice and warm yesterday (unlike us fools) and enjoys todays gorgeous weather!

Cheers Stuart

(PS Cod fishing next weekend so look for the report of my (hopefully) first one!)

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Well done Stu, I would have fished too if I was there with you. As they say, a bad day fishing beats a good day at work and I can tell you that you had a better day than I did!!

PS - Nice bream and I hope the weather really tested your relatively new gortex jacket?

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Thanks for the replies raiders. Crappy weather but good result, makes the weather disappear mentally... Also helps having good rain gear.

Good stuff mate how far up did you get i was thinking about walking down to the fresh and seeing if any bigger bass got pushed down

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We didn't really get far up at all not nearly as far as I wanted, I was hoping for the bass and black bream to be around.

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Good stuff Stu. Any day on the water, regardless of weather, is a good one.

Good luck chasing the cod mate. I expect to see some crackin' photos of your 1st, 2nd, .....

(With the water cooling down now, slow your retrieve down even more so the lure 'pesters' them. There is good numbers of cod moving down here now so I hope they put in an appearance for you. Enjoy the first strike! :biggrinthumb: )



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Cheers hodgey! Will be fishing slow and hard, I will also be trying a bigger barra swim bait that looks like a baby yellow or carp which I think will work if not some bassman spinnerbaits should do the trick. I hope me and my mate both get our firsts (including early morning surface!)

Kingfisher, looks like I will be going for a walk with rod in hand!!

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