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Catching live bait - Salamander Bay (Port Stephens)


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Was wondering if anyone knows of a reliable yellowtail spot around this area.

I fished the area on the weekend but had to get my livies from shoal bay. (Will post a report tonight)

I Would prefer not to spend so much time travelling and spend more time fishing.



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I fish PS from time to time. Not able to advise a "reliable" spot , however , if they are around , try just South (a few hundred mt's) off Tomaree headland along the cliffs.

Launch from the new Shoal Bay ramp or Little Beach ramp , it's abot a 5 min run to the heads.


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Thanks Geoff. I am aware of that area, however I am in a 4m hornet and don't like going offshore unless it is glass.

Damo, thank you very much for that. I will give it a shot this thursday or weekend hopefully. It is very close to where i caught a jewfish on the weekend. I have 5 yellowtail left that I will butterfly worst case.

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