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Long 10 or 15kg Rod


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Hi guys,

I am after a bit of an odd pair of rods for fishing big baits from a kayak.

I would ideally like a long (7'-8') overhead rod for my saltist 40s loaded up with 25-30lb line (12-15kg)...would really like them to be a 2 piece and carbon (graphite...or at least a composite) as well which narrows the field...if anybody knows of such a beast do they also know who would stock it in the south or eastern suburbs (I live around Rockdale).

I would also be requiring a pair of said rods so not too expensive (won't get used hugely often).

Bit of a specific ask I know...but thought it would be worth posting it to the knowledge pool before I went and compromised with something that doesn't really fit the bill.

Sounds like LBG rods are probably the go but don't know much about them.

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