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tinny on botany


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Hey all,

I've got a ally craft 3.75 tinny which ive been using for the past couple decades to fish pittwater, cowan creek and the rest of the hawkesbury. I generally float between flint n steel and juno point and have only taken it out to lion island on rare occasions (due to my paranoia)

I'm taking my dad out this weekend and since it looks like it's going to b decent weather, I was thinking of giving botany bay a try.

I took a trip to bare island today just to have a look around and even with the tuggies, the bay seemed quite smooth.

I guess my question is, i've done a fair bit of research about the potential weather hazards in the bay and wanted to get some opinions on whether it was manageable for a tinny to putt around molineaux point and around the runways. I guess besides the weather the tugs and huge shipping liners coming in would be concerns

Any thoughts would be really appreciated. I'm thinking of trying the ramp off shag point but if i can.


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thanks nathen,

went out today and it was ok. hopefully i can make it out again in a fortnight and might drop it in further back before the bridge to explore. too many spots to try and very little time :-/

most of the day today i spent around the run ways (damn noisy) and inside molineaux point. had a pretty good intro to the bay with silver trevally. man they're fun on bream gear!


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Guest Aussie007

JSM, a few years ago i had a little cody 3.75 nice little tinnies suitable for 2-3 people i would often venture out around the botany heads in this boat solo and on a good day but i much prefer to fish inside the bay, the fish seem to be more easier to find

u can fish the bay on most days just dont go fishing when its a southerly wind or anything over 12-14knot winds in that little boat there are boat ramps all over the bay so pick your areas to fish if its a northerly wind direction fish around the northern side of the bay, if the wind picks up u can drop your boat in at the "hole in the wall" boat ramp at sylvania waters here u have access to the bridges

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