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North Head / Middle Harbour fish 26/27th


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Afternoon all,

Well time for report number 2 after a fish last night.

Headed out from Tunks Park, Northbridge about 8pm. While heading out past the Spit we got a lovely visit from Maritime about our lack of an all round white light. After some quick fixing with torches then an LED strip we were back on our way and hit up Balmoral for a Yakka session.

Was fairly quiet but managed 3 little ones and after about an hour were off to North Head. We anchored just by Old Mans Hat and sent out a couple of Yakka and pilly blocks. Wasn't a brilliant session but managed to get bites without hooking up. Ended up catching one Pike on the pilly and losing a squid on the Yakka at the boat before deciding to call it and headed over to Clifton Gardens.

From here we again getting bites without hooking on. Finally got a hook up only to be greeted by a Moray Eel tangled up in two rigs. After getting rid of him we found a Rock Cod??? but nothing with any quality.

A quick snooze in Balmoral Moorings before heading back over to North Head as the sun rose with a quick troll outside the heads. With no luck there either we moved back into Old Mans Hat for a final fish of the morning. We had more success with a couple of Trevally and a little Red Snapper.

Nothing too special today but a nice collection. Heres to hoping for a few keepers next time.









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all the good fish must still be at the dawn service from earlier this week.. I was out on thurs all day with a similar result, couple of bites here and there but no hookups on anything decent.

still sounded like a fun day out though :)


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