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Great few days out of Shellharbour


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Been a great week down here, light westerlies and no real swell since Monday.

Took a mate and his kids out one day, some nice Reddies and Flatties meant the kids had fun and I spent the whole time baiting and rigging. Great day.

Another day out just me and a mate- non stop Flatty action in between dodging schools of marauding Jackets. Lots of little bait fish on surface, and schools of Slimies on bottom. Got our feed in an hour and decided to follow the Dolphins that were about, jumped in for a swim with them off Bass Point. Got out pretty quickly when some Seals turned up though :)


Headed out again this morning, was lovely until the wind picked up for the first time all week, another feed of Flatties and more Jacket snip offs. All in all a great few days, water still 20 degrees, plenty out there. Eaten Fish four nights this week, doesn't get better.




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