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Unusual fish fight

stevie g

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Was fishing tonite for Jew off my local beach. Hooked up and felt plenty of weight and headshakes and a short run followed for 10 or 20 meters. Then the line went slack and i thought i lost it. Began reeling in and realised it was till hooked but swimming towards me. It swam in at a rate of knots because i couldnt keep the tension in the line. Ended up losing the fish as it spat the hooks as the line was slack. Any ideas what it might have been? I was fishing with squid heads with 30lb main line and 8/o hooks. Ive never had a fish come back towards me in a straight line before

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Likewise. Big salmon and even big flathead have done this. The salmon swim hard and fast and often put on a show, jumping out of the water and spitting hooks. Few times flatties have been lost due to their weird swimming patterns. They cant pull that hard but when shoot towards you and headshake they often spit hooks. I havent seen or experienced a beach jew but usually you will feel their weight the whole way.

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