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Sydney Sunday


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First report ever from a beginner.
So I ended up watching over 4 kids on the weekend. We all ended up in Northbridge on Saturday evening fishing with the tiniest longshanks, lumo beads and pieces of prawn the size of peanuts.
The result was 14 yakkas and slimies, some of them quite big, and a 26cm bream in just over 2 hours. The kids were stoked.
Then Sunday morning we took the boat out to Sow and Pigs. First caught a 55cm kingie (our first) on a yakka's tail. After a short (but heated) discussion on legal size and whether fishes are stretchy, we released it to grow strong and fit.
Then I got busted by something unstoppable on 20lb line. Something big but with a somewhat regular pull. Maybe a shark?
Excitement having reached epic proportions, I pulled an enforced break and we motored out to the Heads, where we put whole bait on ganged hooks on the bottom. And caught this gorgeous shark, possibly a shovel nose? Also released after much puzzling and squealing.
Then it was time for lunch so we motored back to the Spit. This may not sound very productive to the pros, but we all had a wonderful time especially as the weather was perfect. I think the kids will remember it for years.
Next time we might even get a feed!



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G'day SV Solaris,

You had a ripper of a day mate - after all, you put smiles on the dials of more than 4 kids !

Now you may not have gotten a feed this time but think of it this way:

You may not get fruit from a sapling tree you just planted, but give it a few years and you will have more than you can handle...

Keep nurturing the saplings and they will love you for it - even well after you're gone....


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Good on ya. The yaccas and the kids are a great option. Worst thing you can do with kids us take them out for zeros.

They would have been stoked with the shark too.

Cheers luke

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Yeah going for livvies is perfect for kids' rods, and they get a real buzz counting their catch. As for boat size, well a grand ol' timber vessel is cheaper than a Quintrex! If you don't mind becoming an occasional shipwright lol...

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Ah, bag limit of 50 per species on baitfish, we'll be right then :)

Sorry. Communicated myself incorrectly. Nothing wrong. Just having a dig at the undersized King in the bucket (in jest). But as you say, he was released.

Well done again - top effort!

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