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In the Dead of Night


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Found myself on the north side of the Harbour about 10 days ago with a tide change approaching. Decided it might be worth a flick around a well-known spot.

Managed an almost pigeon pair of flatties in two consecutive casts, the first going 55cm, the second 58cm. The second one didn’t like being hooked very much so he gave me a full jump out of the water as he approached the bank, but on a 20lb leader I wasn’t much concerned.


Then an hour later the tide had almost completely slowed, a shower was passing over and I got a much softer take followed by a more spirited run. A few minutes later a pair of glowing eyes came through water and I performed a little fist-pump of satisfaction. I’m sure the possum I had for company earlier was laughing at me from his tree.


Fish went 64cm.




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Excellent stuff mate and well done on a top session.

Nice work.



I have been hearing good things about these Zman plastics... Looks like they are starting to rival the squidgies in performance for all sorts of fish. I may have to invest in a few.

They're a bit of a nuisance. Have to keep them away from your other plastics, bit of a struggle to get them onto your jighead nicely. But they catch fish.....

you zee man mate haha


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Nice jew good work

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Won't be long before you nail a cracker... Put the hours in and its enevitable.

Keep up the good work bud

Hope so, so many hours already, but it's enjoyable.

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