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Hoodlum Adventures


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Hi Guys,

Spent the longer than usual weekend in the new boat seeking something to write home about.

Well after a great gathering of bait on Friday off we went to the inshore reefs for zip, headed out to the peak and the 12 mile for the jackets to nail us, headed north and back in for a donut, only a playful group of dolphins entertained us for an hour while trolling.

Saturday plan was to head north, in fact all the way to Avalon downrigging, throwing slugs, jigging, bait you name it we tried it. Again Zip!

I looked at the petrol tank only to realise 8% and I'm at Avalon so decision was made to head back in case we ran out!

Hit North head so I said to my mate lets try a few plastics in the wash, Bang that paid off a nice 49cm snapper was pulled out of the only wash along north head. After I noticed 2% left in the tank it was a slow troll back to middle harbour, on the way around north head we hook a frigate, stick him on the downrigger and see if any big Kings are along quarantine. Next minute bang, thought I was snagged at first and then head headed into the deep.

After ten minutes my dream of a metre king was confirmed with the hoodlum hitting 110cm and one happy man!

Got to thank my mate Bevy who has spent the past 6 months with me chasing this kind of fish. He drove me to the deep and netted him like a champion. Caught on 50 pound braid and leader.

PB's for both me and Bevy's snapper, would have headed straight back in if I had more fuel, Must be a fishing god somewhere up there! Big bait Big fish so they say!!

Good way to finish the summer, time for some snapper.




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