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What breaking strain backing line compared to the braid of the main line?

2 Do you fill the reel with chosen braid and then bring it up to full with backing then spool that off to another spool then spool that spool that to another spool, then spool on to reel? Is there a better way?

3 How much backing is reasonable, this is a inshore light game outfit, total reel 800m max.

Thanks guys , a bit new here.


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The only reason you need the backing is so your line doesn't spin around on your reel, you only need a dozen turns or so of your handle as a minimum for grip. I usually have the backing around the same breaking strain as the mainline up to about 30lb and anything after that 30lb will do the job well (if you reach your backing there is a good chance you have lost the fish anyway).

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I guess unless you can get an 800m spool of Braid, you will need a fair bit of backing line.

It is a bit of guess work if you spool the backing line on first, I haven't found an eaiser way.

What you suggested about spooling the braid first then topping up with the backing line is actually a great idea for spinning reels, provided you have a spare spool for that reel.

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Thanks for answers guys, I spool the line from reels that the line comes on with a battery drill.

I have a bolt 5" long two lock nuts and three plastic washers, these I can tighten to any tension.

Put bolt in vice to spool on , put in drill to spool off. Works great. New reel should be here this week,

in time for the Snapper season, yum yum.

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Backing helps with preventing braid slip but also allows you to get your braid spooled up to the lip of the spool to promote better casting. Yep put all your braid on then finish spooling with the backing line - the take it all off and put it back again.

Cheers Blood Knot

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