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Electric trolling motor, help please

Adam Chef

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I bot this little dinghy (3m) for fishing and Im trying to upgrade a bit,

I have a question, is it possible to attatch to this something like this (Haswing CaymanB Bow Mount 55lbs 12V Electric Trolling Motor) with quick relese mount.

I dont know how havy is it, how big, i dont want to order and later have a problem with it

This is my little dignhy



Thank you for any any sugestions

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Mate, go for a 44lb Watersnake. They fit a nin Cota quick release bracket. Get long bolts(SS) and a box of 100SS washers fit it where you think its best and pack it up to level with the washers.

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So boat is made of poly or some other plastic material :) just the boat with out a motor and other stuf is just 55kg, motor is 6hp 4storke so I believe arround 25-30kg.

I thing I could spend about $700

I really would like to have trolling motor with remote control and quick relese thing.

Foot control I'm not shure if it's going to be ok because the boat have catamaran shape so I don't have a flat bottom

Many thanks for help

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