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Off Shellharbour today


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Took a new fishing partner out this morning for a bit of a bash, wanted him to get fish so just planned on a quick troll before settling into a good bag of Flatties.

Well the first 2 hours were incredibly frustrating fishing, nothing on the troll though the tiny baitfish were still all over the place. Flatties had no chance- absolute plague of jackets everywhere.

Second you hit bottom they were onto it, we tried a couple of my favourite drifts between 25 and 70m of water, same jackets everywhere.

At one point I saw what I thought was a pack of Slimies on the sounder (big schools about lately) so threw out the daisy bait jig. On the drop hooked up on 5 jackets at once, when brought them up there must have been 50 others around them! Lost numerous rigs, started to think no feed tonight.

Finally found a patch of quality 40-45cm blue spots and we took 10 in around 20 minutes, grin on the new blokes face priceless.

Even better the Dolphins came past again, he had never seen on the water. On slow troll back in saw a 2m odd Shark just cruising, managed to stay 10m off him for a few minutes so pretty happy to watch. Not sure what sort, very shallow dorsel never got good look at his head.

Highlight for me was the biggest squid I have ever seen chasing a hooked Flattie up- must have been close to 65-70cm tube. I thought at first Cuttle but nope it was Squid. We were in 65m water over sand at the time. Threw some jigs out but unfortunately I'd just thrown a handful of pillies over so he grabbed one and went.

To top it off a beautiful Albatross flew straight over the boat on way home.

About to eat the Flatties and contemplate what could have been a great Calamari entree...

Next time I'll take cam but last few weeks down here have been gold.

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Top outing and well done on the blue spots...rumour has it they taste better than duskies?

Down here they do the open sea much cleaner than the lake, though the lake way cleaner than it used to be. I just love the way they light up they look great.

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