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Installing trimming tabs on a Boat


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Hi Guys,

Just a question if I should , If I could and where.

I have a 2003 model Whittley 580 Voyager

I am liking the idea of trim tabs being installed.

Looking at my boat there are not to many places that I can install these tabs.

Have any Ideas?



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Is it an inboard / outboard , if so , have you considered fitting a Permatrim to the cavatation plate.

This would most likely do a similar job , they are a lot easier to fit at less cost.


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easiest option is to ring a dealer who sells these or sold these

they can tell you where and where to avoid issues drilling through the transom
Trim tabs do something a foil or permatrim cant ,they level the boat as some boats lean into the wind so its nice to be able to straighten it up depending on swell wind direction

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