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Sustain 2500/3000 - Which rod?


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Managed to pickup a Sustain 2500fg pretty cheap, i was after a 3000 but was informed by Shimano that they share the same body its just the spool thats different, so am going to purchase the 3000 spool.

So i am looking for a rod thats in 3-5/6kg range for around the 250.00 mark give or take 50.00 got any suggestions?

Want to use it for snapper as a lighter style rod, but be able to flick 5" plastics, what are your thoughts......



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look at a berkley black mamba. Awesome snapper rod i have teamed with a 4000 rarenium. also i just bought a Paul worsteling nano rod. great quality for the price worth checking them out. also Lox rods looked nice.

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Sweet I have been told Daiwa Black label by a few already.

I also would like to look at a Nitro magnum butt or baby viper, has anyone had any experience ?

The Nitro Magnum butt is a nice rod. Ive had one for a long time now but a 2500 size reel is too small for it. A 4000 would be better. The rod to suit a 2500 reel would be the Nitro Distance Spin... its 2-5kg.

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