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Vintage Daiwa Millionaire 6HS...any info?


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Hey folks, I have an old Daiwa Millinoaire overhead reel in pretty good working condition and I would like to get it into action. Does anyone know what line class they're suited to and the type of rod that was used with them back in the day? I don't have any specs available.


I currently have it spooled with 10lb Berkley Trilene although I'm stumped with rod choice...length, weight, style etc? I don't want to spend too much, so I'm looking at the lower priced overhead rods, like Abu Garcia Muscle Tips or the cheaper Ugly Stiks. Something to practice on.

Any thoughts from the more experienced among us?



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From what I remember most English man spool them up with 15lb mono but if I was to have one. I would try 20lb braid / mono depending on reel capacity. Rod just suit your chosen line class round 8 or 10kg it's up to you also if your lb or on a boat too

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