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Pb Kingfish


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Hi Raiders

Went out last week with my fishing buddy mick to try our luck on kingies !!!!!

Left the botany bay boat ramp in the dark to see if we could grab a few squid ,after an hour or so my partner had 3 nice squid on board and myself Nil...... not sure what was wrong but 3 was a good to start the morning ...

We both decided to down rig outside and after a few hours of trying to locate some sort of sign on our sounder with no luck!!!

We stayed positive and gave it one more shot!!!!

All of a sudden we had the rod buckle and line was pealing off quickly in short pulses ... after about five minutes I had a new

personal best king fish on board weighing in at 13kg and a little over 1.10m

Great feeling and there out there guys

safe fishing raiders till next time...


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1.1m king 6m off the bottom, you make it sound so easy mate !! haha awesome stuff, been a bit of a tough season for the kings, we didnt have alot of luck in and around the harbour and always had fresh squid

This season was definitely a tough season only 5 hoodies in total for us.

Put a lot of time in trying to think outside the square a bit.

Managed Hoodies out of various different waterways which was a buzz its always a good feeling pulling fish from new territory.

Keep up with the squid and the kings will come that's for sure. Found in the harbour if you get to the markers on first light with squid your in with a real chance.

Good luck.

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Great Fish

Dont know if it is the season but i bought a downrigger at christmas and have not caught anything on it yet, my wife refers to it as a expensive weight. Either way we I hope to prove her wrong sooner rather

I just blame the season but I have seen some really good fish caught at the ramp so not sure if this is really true

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