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Pigs Are On At Winney


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Havent had time to post my report from monday so here it is. Plan was to go down and target blackfish and that was it. No bream gear for salmon or kings just my luderick stick. Got down to the rocks and threw in a sand and weed burley to try bring in some blackfish. No blackfish but pigs everywhere some where solid to. Spewing no bread oh well they will take cabbage. First drift and my weed bait was whacked hard and knew straightaway a solid pig. Lasted all of 4 seconds till it was over damn. Re rig and waited a while and bang another pig a little version. After a nice fight land it and measured it at 24cm and sent him on his way. Landed another 2 around the same size with 1 other bust off on a pig whick looked very solid so I decided my plan was blackfish so moved round to jackos. Was here for a little while till I looked out about 15mtrs and there was a school of salmon just cruising through just below the surface damn. Could even cast my luderick float into the middle and they just stayed just below the surface. Was at jacksons for another 10mins for not even a touch there was no wash but. Round to Avoca. Collected some weed and burleyed up one of my luderick holes. First drift and i was on solid and thought was a solid luderick. Had my chinese friend run over with the gaff coz my rod went off. Had to laugh when He and saw what it was. Turned out to be an xos crappie as i call them. He was still suprised when i threw it back. Anyway ended up with not a single luderick spewing but was good hitting the rocks up. Sorry for going on :thumbup:

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Hey Chris yeah Jacksons is when you walk into Winney then head to the left the bay between Winney and Sth Avoca is Jacksons Bay. Hey Ken I havent really tried potholing there for pigs but I have caught blackfish there as they come in there to feed at high tide and I have been smoked by pigs before. Ill have to give it a go. This time last yr whenI was getting snapper of the rocks at Winney so if anyone wants to join me ill be at Winney rocks monday arvo. Cheers Boys

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