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Luderick Fishing, Help Wanted

joking fish

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First of all read the pinned article on best ever tips on blackfishing. It is a bit of a read but contains great knowledge.

Good fresh weed is a must and try and get it from near the area you're intending to fish.

At the moment - for me at least - they are firing everywhere. They seem to be moving in schools off the coast and I have caught them at Kurnell near Yenna. In the bays and estuaries they are more consistent.

My mate and I have had success in Botany Bay and Georges River at:- Captain Cook Bridge nth rock wall, Tom Uglys northern side, the motor boat club in kogarah bay, cars park, kangaroo point, oatley point, como and como bridge, and cattle duffers.

Hope this helps.


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Try the point at Little Bay off the rocks or Bear Island at Botany Bay using the cabbage leaf weed that grows on the rocks there. YOU MUST WEAR CLEATS ON YOUR SHOES and be very safety conscious of the danger of rouge waves . Never try to fish off Yellow Rock at Malabar as there have been a large number of rock fishermen swept to their death there. Black Fishing is a great sport that does take some skill to fish enjoy.

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Guest hawkesbass

My advice would be too start off in the harbour where it is easier too concentrate on the float and how they are biting than have too worry about any swell wiping you out and missing downs because of all the safety factors required for rock fishing

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