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can ep's be caught landbased?


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Absolutely you can, fish them exactly as you would for bass (they are pretty much the same fish, they even interbreed from what I have read). I have caught a few EP's and they have all been near the edge around structure.

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Mate i only fish land based and have lost count how many iv landed also got my p.b landbased.use your bream gear gear same lures same retreve but fish more up river.good fun on light gear but the do shut down if over fished and they are a top sports fish so best to let them swim free.dont let being landbased stop you getting fish

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At night look for areas that have shrimp or prawns in the system moving around. A bit of light on the water doesn,t deter them if anything probably helps as you can see ep,s popping the prawns off the surface.

Found they take all sorts of plastics and poppers at night and great fish to catch.


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