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Big hawkesbury crocodile


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G'day raiders,

Fished the hawkesbury from midnight Friday, started off at Juno point awaiting the top of the tide in the freezing cold and the wind the results of the first spot were less than good with a number of port Jackson's and eels and catfish caught, really not the target species but mr Jew was nowhere to be found :( so I decided to make a move to the F3 road bridge at around 2.30 in the morning to escape some of the wind and see if I couldn't find mr Jew with my ever diminishing squid baits, anchored up put my 2 rods out and heated up the burner and had a cup of soup with no action happening I cracked out my lil 1-3kg outfit with 4lb braid and put on some 8lb leader with a pea size sinker and a small hook with a pillie cube and cast it into the Eddie behind one of the pylons trying to extract a bream or two, first few casts no interest then I got a nice lil bream of 28cm quickly released him and rebait and cast then one of the Jew rods gets a big hit so I put the small rod down to wait for a conversion but after 5 mins no more hits so back to the small rod I went.... Picked up the rod to notice serious weight originally thought snag.. I was wrong.. Line screamed off my lil symetre reel after 25 minutes and some great one handed net work I managed to boat my biggest flathead to date measuring 81cm and to boot I got her on the really light stuff that made it really special, I was over the moon.. After a couple quick photos the big girl swam away to fight another day.. If anyone was fishing in the hawkesbury early Saturday morning and heard someone yell woohoo! No it wasn't a yowie it was me :)

After that I waited till sunrise and trolled out the front of barrenjoey for 2 frigates and 3 bonnies so all in all a pretty slow night fishing but that 1 fish made all the cold and lost sleep so worth it

I'd also like to submit my fish for COTM

Thanks for reading raiders and right lines cheers Brett


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Congrats brettman, was out there Saturday night and the cold was the same. Lifted my spirits with a nice croc myself but you got me by 5cms. PB for me too! About time the hawkesbo produced something! Well done champ!

Cheers scratchie!!!

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