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A day of triumph and woes


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Good day to you all.

I would like to share with you my last 2 expodaitions. On sunday we took the dogs round Lake Burely Griffen for the RSPCAs million paws walk. The sun was shining and the wind was behaving so I packed my spin out fit in the car just in case.

The walk took a little longer than anticipated as my legs were still ont he rugby field and more than a little bruised.

Our good deed done for the day I took the mrs and the dog to plack mountain penninsular to try out my new TT spinner bait. I am keen to get into some natives and found some good loojking banks and fallen lumber to try my luck with. We found a likely looking spot on a very steep bit of bank with some nice falen trees. It took 3 casts to hook up. No warning just one almighty thump and some very fast shakes. It felt like nothing I have ever hooked before. I started to get a bit excited as it took some line. I was wondering if this is what a Yellow belly might feel like............

Clambering over the rocks with legs like jelly can't have looked too elegent, but I got down to the waters edge to get a glimps of colour. It looked green, with really high dorsal fins....... but it was pretty big. It looks to dark to be a yellowbelly and its the wrong shape for a cod. Maybe this is something I havent read about.......

Any whoooo, after a last little tustle I pulled out this chap.

Just a shade over 33cm. She was full of row and in really good nick. So she came home to become a stir fry. :)

That evening I flew to Syd for work and took my gear with me. Thanks to the advise from others here I headed to pier 2 with some 4inch gulp minnows and a 1/2 oz jig head to get down there.

What a pretty spot at night!!!!!!!!!!

A few casts and a few dropped bites just twitcing it along the bottom the CRAAAACK!!!

The top half of my Garcia Voyager snapped! It must have got chiped on the flight. I am absolutly gutted, it was my fave set up. :(

Oh well best start saving for a replacement.

Thanks for reading guys.


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Mate that's a very healthy redfin you got there.

Very good eating I believe as well...

jelly legs eh ?

LOL - even when legs are made of jelly, us fishos can turn them into legs of titanium just long enought to land that fish !

As for the broken rod - that is a real downer. In the old days of fibreglass rods, they rarely got damaged or broken and when then did it was always fixable.

Carbon rods though - aren't up to the ruf'n'tumble of travelling but when they're asked to bend on a good fish, they are a pleasure to use - light and powerful - just like me (light on intelligence, powerful after a plate of beans.....)


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Not sure, It was a good tug that broke it. Would a sambo hit a SP at night?

Should be titled Pommy Git catches a Pommy Git. Redfin are introduced fish from Europe, probably even England. Nice size one, they are often much smaller in lakes in Australia.


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Scored my 1st jewie last night, worth every minute mate! Never caught a red fin though... would be devastating to snap a rod on hook up, my only graphite rod never saw the water as snapped it on a tree branch trying to put it in the car... hahaha... was only a cheapie though. Might need a more compact travelling setup or carrying case in future???

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SMn - well done mate. Bet your chuffed. Just taken a tube from work so I can fly some gear ip tomorrow :)

Jew stalker- that the biggest one I've seen to. I guess they might get a bit bigger than that. I'll have to keep trying. :)

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