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Sydney Stripy's

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With whispers of marlin still hanging around it was only fair that we got the Scent Blazer crew together and headed out in search of a possible last marlin for the season.

A quick look at sea breeze and a reference to BOM we decided to head out, with knowledge of a strong southerly change amongst us we headed east in the search of these what seems like the elusive marlin…

After a quick call to the guys we decided id meet Peter and Attila down at the boat and then we would pick up the remainder of the crew. The plan was to head to the shelf, drop in a spread of Scent Blazers and work that general area, as after a quick check on the SST’s showed it to be promising.


The Calm berfor the storm...

After dropping the ropes and leaving the marina we motored up the harbour to pick up the remainder of the crew at Lavender Bay, North Sydney. With the crew on board we headed over to Rushcutters for a quick fuel up and run through the plan. We also chose and filled our Scent Blazers with Pilchards. We chose to run a range of lures from a Large Slant head Purple Frigate, a Small Green Luminator, a Mini Sardine Pusher Head and a few Prototypes all loaded with Pilchards.


Blacks and Purples like this Purple Frigates are great on overcast days...

As we headed towards South head the pressure dropped and the low clouds started to roll in bringing torrential rain, gusty winds from the south east which made it a little bit choppy but we pushed on heading north east to the Sydney Close FAD were we would look and hope to find some dollies. Approaching the FAD the water temp rose to 22.7 and very blue but on our arrival there was absolutely no current and it was void of any fishy life. After a few passes for zeros we decided to head out to the Manly Hydraulics Buoy and see if we could find a few…


Gloomy weather can be great for Pelagics as they aren't as timid...

As we trolled north east to the Hydro Buoy the weather quickly turned and became awful, with horizontal rain, stiff wind gusts and choppy seas… as we got closer to the mark the buoy was no where to been seen! We trolled the area but couldn’t find it, we had only got a live reading off it 2 hours earlier… maybe it had moved, maybe it was gone? Who knows, so we continued ENE to the bait station, the weather passed us and headed for the coast but the rain didn’t let up all day.


It seems to be if there is no current there is no fish... No run, No fun as they say.

A mile short of the Bait station the long rigger popped and the rod bent over!! The first run was huge, we thought Yellowfin straight away but after a short but spirited fight, up popped a jumbo Stripped Tuna, the best thing was is that it took the prototype!! Fish just cant resist these new Scent Blazers as they match the hate perfectly to the profile of a small baitfish.


The Scent Blazer prototype is working wonders on these jumbo stripy's...

With that stripy dispatched we continued north east towards the Bait station, no soon had we reset the gear the sounds of the Tiagra exploding were upon us again, this time it was the Small Green Luminaitor, now we thought it was a good fish as this isn’t a small lure so we quickly cleared the gear but to our amassment it was only a Stripy, now the lure is almost half the size of the fish, they seriously will eat anything and at any size…

After resetting the spread we continued on about 15 minutes later the weighted lure infront of the Trollpro got hit hard, again a jumbo stripy couldn’t resist the scent of a Scent Blazer and ate an 8’’ lure. This lure in particular was weighted and had an LED in the head of the lure as it was slightly dark and gloomy, it goes to show having lights as well as bait really does make a difference…


Another big stripy hits the deck on a Scent Blazer loaded with bait and LED's


Big lures dont always catch big fish, this strpy is half the size of this Scent Blazer but with the added bait in the lures this stripped tuna couldn't resist

After bleeding the tuna we decided to fill the lures with striped tuna belly and reset the spread, before we had all the lures in the water the long rigger a prototype got smashed, after a short tussle another jumbo stripy was boated.

We continued to troll south down the self and pick up stripies after stripies, being overcast the sun or should I say light faded to darkness where we brought in the lures and teasers, pointing the boat WSW and headed for home… the water temp was around 22.7-23.7 with the occasional bait school, it seems to be hooting down the hill with no signs of letting up…


You can see the different lights make in the lures, they enhance the colours of the lures even in the dark of night.

See the Difference Lights make in your lures in different light intervals

Check out some of the new lures packs on special now

Fingers crossed it slows and we get that nice break push up, bringing Barrel Tuna in numbers…

Until the next bite…

Tight Lines



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