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Wonni Report


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Howdy All

Having read plenty of reports I figure I should get my first ever post up.

Have been fishing the Woronora a lot of late up towards the needles, super early morning starts.

Targeting the sandflats on the falling tide and pulling plenty on Flatties to 60cm on plastics.

Rockwalls and weedbeds on hardbodies and plastics on rising tides for Bream up to 40cm and EP's.

And plently of 35cm Blackfish on unweighted live bloodworms.



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Gday nbdshroom

I usually use No 4 or No 6 Resin Heads matched with Squidgy Wrigglers or Squidgy Bugs, they smash the bream and EP's up against snags like pontoons and rock walls, pretty much just trying to imitate a prawn. Pretty awesome stuff watching a big bream hit it near the surface, usually hit the edge of weedbeds with the same set up and it works wonders.

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