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Pan with SargeRX8

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The other day, I had the pleasure of showing SargeRX8 around the spots near my place. With limited time and periodic rain, we weren't expecting much but we did get stuck into some action!

SargeRX8 with the first fish of the day, a decent bream to kick things off:


A tiny flathead! You not impressed mate? Haha:


Double hookup!!! That was such an exciting moment! Had my fat bream (check out the girth!) peel off drag and soon after the same thing happened to SargeRX8. We just looked at each other and couldn't hide the grin on our faces:


My also smallish flatty:


Till next time!

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Pretty good sesh! You battled through the weather and got results! It great going fishing with a fellow raider ay! Because you know their as addicted to fishing as your are and that makes the weather irrelevant! Well done champ!

Cheers scratchie!!!

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Awesome day man. Great fun and the weather kept us on edge and made us more persistent to get the fish. Pete also lost a decent bream it got him around a submerged branch and a couple kicks later it was over. Until next time!

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