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Where to catch bream on soft plastics around brisbane waters?


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Hey mate,

Sorry I have not gotten back to you, i'm actually over seas at the moment.

Kayak sweet, i'm out on my kayak most weekends (when i'm home). I'm on a big yellow Hobie Pro Angler hanging out under rip bridge most Sunday mornings so if ya ever see me come say hi.

Now some good bream spots I've found are;

Around the moored boats near rip bridge on both sides - I have caught more than a few bream around this area on sp and metal blades and its definitely the easiest place to get to with a kayak.

Paddy's Channel - What I tend to do here is drift with the tide along the oyster racks on the left hand side, when you get to the end of the channel you will see a sand bar on the opposite side to the oyster racks i always through some sp or blades around here, lots of Flathead to be had here.

Hardy's Bay - Have a play around at the entrance to Hardys Bay as there are some nice bream hanging around the point between the 2 bay areas there.

Ok that's 3 good spots where I have caught bream on sp myself and all are easy to get to via yak if you launch from the the near by boat ramp for each of them or you can paddle to all three in sessions but it's a long trip.

I'll be back home in about 3 weeks so if you see a good looking guy on a big yellow kayak around the areas i just mentioned say hi.

I hope this has helped you out.

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Hey guys,

Sorry i missed the posts here.

Meg126 - Here is the sandbar i was talking about;


There are a heap of places around BW to chase Flathead. Are you in a Kayak as well? Where do you launch from mostly?

DIAMONDBACK - I'll be heading out on BW this Saturday possibly with some other yakers, your more than welcome to join. Depending on what people want to target will determine the launch site.

The invite is open to anyone that wants to join in.

See you guys on the water.

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