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Headed out for a fish early this morning, first time for a few weeks as have been out in the country towing the caravan around. Some of the rivers around Narrabri and Moree do not have a lot of water in them due to the drought returning, and did not have much time to try fishing anyway.

Fished off Deer Park with salted frigate strips and squid. The jewie is small but he did not look like he would survive too well, so kept him. Plenty of reddies about, some just under size, but only one legal, and the one lone bream.

Managed half a dozen yellow finned jackets, then the chinamen jackets turned up. Kept 2 and threw back the rest, not big, also lost a few hooks to them. One of them had a stomach full of fish and squid pieces, and as a few of the big baits disappeared without feeling any bites, guess that they were responsible.

Fished the last of the runout tide, but there was a fast surface current heading downstream, would be the runoff from the rain upstream of Audley a few days ago. Most of the colour in the water has disappeared.

Pumped a few squirt worms and waded the flats at Lilli Pilli. Only 2 bites, a bream about 28cm and a just legal whiting, both sent back.

Headed for home in Gunnamatta Bay, and threw in the fish scraps after filleting the catch. Several bream swam about, but not as many as over the last couple of months. Did not have any bait left, so I used a fillet from one of the jackets, cut it in half lengthways and threw it out on a bream hook without a sinker. It did not take too long for the biggest of the bream to grab it, and on 6 pound line, he was a bit hard to control amongst the mooring poles and boat rails. Managed to swim him out with a large clump of weed on the line, took the photo and sent him back.

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Well done Yowie nice mixed bag there, hope to take my girlfriend fishing in the Hack soon, would you recomend SouthWest Arm?

You could try it, however, I don't fish there much. I prefer the broadwater from Lilli Pilli west to Yowie Bay, or Gymea Bay.

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