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Garie & Bonnie Vale 30/05/13


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Hello to all,

Thought I'd try Garie Beach yesterday morning, heard alot about the salmon there, so had some salted pilchards, and as a backup pumped some nippers at maianbar on the way and arrived at Garie carpark 8am.

What a beautiful morning to send off autumn, quite a few other fishos and surfers about, but found a little spot to the left out of everyone's way. Not alot of action, managed 1 keeper whiting on nipper, and a few pesky minature sand flathead. Maybe afternoons fire better? Although Salmon can be hit and miss, dont I know.

Packed it in and thought would try old faithful Bonnie Vale spit with left over nippers on the high tide. First cast, a nice flathead about 50cm, second cast another keeper whiting, now thats more like it, efficient fishing. Lots of small fry whiting as usual but managed 2 more whiting and headed back to the car, another fishing trip salvaged by good ol' Bonnie Vale.

As I was heading back along the sand, noticed a large white object being lapped up to the shore line, probably a large bag of rubbish, a bit closer, hmmm surely not a white dog.......to my surprise and shock.......a baby horse, I kid you not, a fowl. Too heavy to move, tried Nat Parks phone line, 10mins of hold time, gave up, oh well maybe a resident or camper will report it.

Was a sad and disturbing end to the day, and no doubt that image will be in my head as I bite into my flathead.

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Nat Parks have gotten back to me......they believe it is a baby deer, makes more sense....still quite gross.

Didnt know baby deer had manes down the back of their neck like a horse though.

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Hey move, nice report. It's always great when a back up plan comes up with the goods.

I used to fish Garie with my dad for years, he is actually part of the furniture there lol. We fished the rocks on the northern end of the beach. First platform there great for salmon.

When they were on they were thick. Big Trevally too almost like GTs. Further north along the headland is a small rock, coffin rock, deep water at your feet. We've managed big kings 15 kg salmon, Trevally, bream pretty much everything.

I even used to bag out on blackfish.

Great spot, but as with a Lot of land based spots as word gets around it gets abused and the years eventually show proof of that. Haven't been there for years but I definitely have great memories there. Also as with any rock fishing safety first and Cleets are a must...

Cheers Daniel

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