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Nice day out on the Georges


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Had a great day out on the Georges today with Trung in his Polycraft and his mate Peter.

Started off like every other time with Trung being late as usual and some half assed excuse ...LOSER.

We didn't venture very far from the ramp today as the weather was expected to turn nasty and rain and wind predicted.

As per usual I had to show Trung how to catch fish on plastics as he just doesn't seem to know what he is doing but takes pretty good photos and with all the fish I have been catching he has become very good with the net :biggrinthumb:

Started off ok with a small jewie and and few hit but we didn't hit any great heights today with a couple of fair fish to show for our efforts. One little episode happened a few times with fish smashing into tiny baitfish along some rocks so I wacked a small plastic in and scored a salmon at Picnic Point.

Trung kept talking about getting pantzed (which means his lure got grabbed and moved down the hook without a hook-up) I am not sure if it was the same in the photo below


We caught up with Luke and Tim today and it was nice to see you fellas again.










Great fun once again and Peter it was nice to finally meet you as well.

Cheers Stewy

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