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Surprise in the harbour , despite dirty water


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Monday morning and my son was feeling a bit sick. Now worries mate. Stay home. what do you want to do today?

" go fishing dad ! " I thought you were meant to be sick ! Oh well . grabbed an array of lures and some cabbage too.

kids love watching a float and headed to Forty baskets near Balgowlah. Beautiful spot, nice little swimming bath

with lots of protection from the wind. Now I knew the water was going to be dirty, but what the hell. its better to fish than

let him watch television all day. I have recently got into blade lures big time lately.

Brady and I got stuck into the fishing , I had three lines out as usual trying too hard. One rod with the float and cabbage, one handline for livies and I was flicking a blade. second cast the Instict blade got hammered. Definitley a big bream. he was taking line off my penn reel quicker than I could adjust the drag. I was trying to get my apparently sick son

to pull my fabril retractable net out,but he struggled. this bream was fighting and unfortunately

managed to get around the oysters of the net and 5 minutes later . My new blade was gone and so was the bream.

But what surpised me was , despite the water being that dirty, the area still produced. What do other members

think about fishing in the harbour after a big downfall. Because in the past it has put me off fishing after a deluge.

But maybe i should rethink.

Andre ( dre dog )

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