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My First Jewfish


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After being introduced to fishing with soft plastics for flathead, i've been hooked on it ever since.

i've finally managed to master it after a few months and can comfortably catch a decent feed of fish.

lately jayson and other mates have been catching jews at this particular spot and i was very keen on doing the same and popping that cherry

we went out to wollongong at about 10pm got on the bridge and everyone put their prawn lures on

and were happily pulling up fish after fish. i was using a grub and my particular spot was pretty slow

only managed 2 hookups and droped both of them! arg the fustration of watching my mates catch things and me on nothing.

i walk over to my mate after he pulled one up and cheekily casted into his spot and pulled on out

(yes i'm finally on the scoreboard) my next cast i hook onto another one and my bloodknot gives way and i loose another fish!

we continue to fish until jays ends up baging out on the flatties catching a 65cm beauty which was released after a few photos and decides to go try the deeper section for jews.

i watch him carefully asking for advice on how to catch these fish.

we cast into oncoming current and do a slow retrieve hoping for a hit.

couple of casts into it and i hook onto something big, it's pulling my line under the bridge but i can still lift so i struggle to pull in hoping it's a jew.

it turned out my jig has snagged onto a big rock with congee >.<; determined to catch a jew i persist, casting it at the line of pelicans which are eating all the small tailor thinking if they're up there doing that there must be something big underneath doing the same.

about 20 casts later i feel this thump and my rod starts to scream ... IT'S ON ... it's doing a run straight towards the lake and i'm fighting for young and old hearing it run in bursts out and manage to swing its head back towards me and keep fighting it.

winding in and hearing the drag run, jays is thrilled and giving me advice on when to reel in and when to let it run, it starts to get under the bridge and i'm picturing it wrap around the pylon and breaking off i manage to swing it back out again and i'm thrilled and exhausted at the same time.

jays grabs my rodd and walks it to the beach as i run down with my lip grips, ended up with a 60cm jew :) we tell tan that i've just caught a jew and he's like where? what lure? how far? hehehe

he hooks onto one and his rodd starts screaming and then he gets busted off. his braid to mono connection has snapped off.

it was a bit quiet for the rest of the night and we decide to leg it.

we ended up with 17 flatties and my first jew! :)

thanks for the night out boys and jays for teaching me everything i know about fishing at the spot.

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Isn't there a sign on the bridge that says no fishing!!!I'm a boatie down there and get peed off when I go under the bridge and there's line everywhere in the main channels.There is a big issue down windang with people illegally fishing off the bridge and blocking up the main channels for boats.

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