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SoftPlastic evening


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Hi there.

Yestarday evening was my 2th fishing trip this summer. I was looking new fishing spots, because water is 1m lower that last summer. So fishs is different places that last year. I was with my frend Rene, and we fishing about 2 and half hours. First we check one old spot, and there was only pikes. I get 3 pikes (can be that it was same every time), but relace it. Water grass not have grow yet, so difficult find good spots. We change place closer stream, and then start happend.. We get short time ~20 perch, and 1 ~1kg Pike. I tuck pike and 2 bigger perch ~300 and ~400g. Then that "eating time" (how you say when fishes hit lures agressive?) was over. Not even one hit anymore. We move place and check last year "trusty place", but nothing there???. Fishing on stream, but only couple of hits there. Finally i get nice hit and fish behaviour was like perch and i wandering that now there is big. But no, there was 42cm zander, and i tuck it for dinner. We use differend colour and size softplastics for testing this time.

This is some Pictures:

Me and 300g perch

Rene and 400g perch

Me and Zander

Some view from fishing pier and Rene fishing in my boat





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Keep up the great reports Jani and make sure you leave me some zanders to catch.

Be at your place on the 30th September :drunk:

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Great report. You guys got a 'hot bite'. I love seeing how fishing is done elsewhere. Maybe you should try some blade lures as well. I,d love to see Stewy post a report when he's there ...

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Short report to old topic. Yestarday evening 3 hours fishing pier. One 42 cm zander, not have picture because i releace it. Lose maby 8 lure, i do somethin wrong :mad3: . Have to try more hevy heads, it is not go so easylly under rocks on stream..maby??

And btw, good news to Stewy, i talking last evening couple active fisher on pier. They have get from that stream 3kg and 6.8 kg zanders...there can be biggers too. :fishing1:

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