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Best laid plans


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Well it started out simply enough.....

Popped a reed on our '91 Mariner 40 HP, 2 grumpy old blokes with engineering backgrounds, should be simple enough to fix, after all what could go wrong????????

Well, old mate number 1, being a bit anal decided the the only way forward was a complete rebuild, so its taken a month, but the power head is now 100%, but I can't get over the sight of him with a toothbrush and a bucket of degreaser, scrubbing out the exhaust gallery! (And the inside of the leg!)

Well the motor was off the boat, maybe we should give the hull a tidy up, (late 80s Quinnie Fishabout) 2 days of sanding, pulling every fitting off, well to make this neat, we should take off the windscreen...

BAD Move...

anyone know where we can get a new windcreen?



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