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Squid and Jew


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Went for a late arvo into night session for squid and a shot at Jew in MH on Friday night with a mate. There was a little bit of wind which slowed us down but we headed into north Harbour area looking for squid. It was a bit slow at first but after dropping a good southern at the boat lifting him we eventually managed another and a cuttle. Decided to head back into MH for more squid on the high tide and managed a few arrows. Time for Jews so moved into deep water and got some live squid and strips down. Once again the Jew didn't want squid so got the plastics out and started jigging. Eventually got a hit and miss and knew we had some under the boat. Got a real good hit but missed again and next take the hook held and boated a soapie that we promptly realesed. Stuck it out for awhile until the tide was ripping through so decided to move to another spot. On the way we thought we would have another flick for squid and SP's. To our amazement Martin had out a shad style SP being retrieved on the surface and got hit by a squid. We managed to boat it as it wasn't letting go. We noticed he brought his whole gang of cephs with him and we had all these squid at the side of the boat. At one stage I put a squid jig in the water by hand and caught one. So we managed a few more which was cool and decided to call it a night. My last trip for Jew was my first time catching one on plastic so was happy to repeat the catch. The are in MH but no real size to them. Heading out tomorrow for the morning high tide to give it a try during daylight.


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