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fishing vanautu


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just got back from a few days fishing in vanuatu

sadly the weather gods didn't want to play nice and each day we were greeted with 40km winds each and every day

we still got out each day to fish but we only really got to fish the 1 spot

still scored a few nice fish and drank a good chunk of the islands beer reserves

we never really targeted the gt's as we just stuck in close to a volcano to stay out of the winds and try tempt a doggie or 2

the other boat spent a few hrs each day on the gt's and managed 2

im not one for writing reports so ill just throw up some pictures taken through out the trip

looking forward to getting back over there











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Wow mate I wouldn't be disappointed not to be able to chase the GT's would love to get into some fish like that. I just wonder what you guys would have got on a good day. Top looking rigs as well. Good Work

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bad about the weather, but at least u still got out there and got a few. i'm heading over in 6 weeks to chase some tuna,gt,big dollies and hopefully some marlin. hope the weather gods are good for us. i'll post some pics and let use know when i return

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Vanuatu has many FAD's and sea mounts so do some homework before you go so the boy give you the best possible chance. You beat the weather me thinks. Great fishing and loved the video.

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thanks guys

was a great trip just a shame about the weather

the doggies are one fun fish to tangle with cant wait to get back over there to get some larger models

here is a clip of the doggie i got on a popper

rod is a JM gt monster with a gosa 18k with a williamson jet popper

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