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Last couple of outings around IC

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How are things Raiders!
Had a couple of quick sessions over the last month or so around IC and managed to get off the mark and score a few each time :)
These are some from a nice little session on the weekend scoring 3 bream to 27cm and 5 flatties to 51cm where I also had the pleasure of Christening my new SP outfit - a Samaki Vamp 4lb-8lb rod married with a Sustain 2500 FG, 5lb Power Pro & 6lb leader :)




Some from a session a few weeks back:



SPs were the Zman Grubz in bloodworm and motor oil colours on a squidgy 1.5g jig (approx 1/18) or TT 1/16 jig. I'm loving the Zmans at the moment, so tough yet realistic .... thanks Tom! One of the Grubz has caught over 10 fish and still going strong with no sign of any hurt whatsover! Even my young kids got their first on SP using the Grubz with their own style of retrieve and I think they are hooked! Now they are rumagging through my tackle bag and have their eyes on my Chubby because "it looks cute".

Hopefully I will be able to hook up to something a lot bigger very soon to put my new outfit to the test!

All fish released to fight another day.
Thanks Raiders in advance for any comments posted and for all the valuable tips and advice given on the Forum :thumbup:
All the best
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Some nice fish Ian,

Always good to christen a new combo on some nice fish and hopefully it serves you well. There's a few new colours of the grubz that have recently been released. Can't wait to get my hands on them. They look the goods! Particularly "Greasy Prawn" and "Hardyhead" colours.

Cheers, Tom

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Nice stuff man. Nice combo too.

Ive got the same reel but in the bigger size for my heavier SP and jigging. Unfortunately Ive gotta send it back to warranty. After about 6 uses its developed a ticking/tapping sound from the lower part of the housing.

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Good stuff Ian, esp on catching 10 on the one SP! I tend to lose a few to snags each time but at least they don't get destroyed often by the chompers or fatigued due to fighting fish. I've seen pictures of the three new Z-man colours and they don't seem intrinsically different to say bloodworm, motoroil or watermelon red so I'm hoping they will be just as good if not better.

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Thanks for the comments guys!

Tom: I'll have to get some of those Grubz in the colours you mentioned, I just checked the new colours online and they look like they will deliver. I've got the 4" Streakz in bloodworm but yet to give them a crack. I think the hardest thing for me is to decide which Zman to tie on!! Thanks for the heads up buddy.

Sarge: Sorry to hear about your reel. Hope it all goes well and gets repaired under warranty without any dramas.

All the best


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Nice form as usual Ian!

They are some top fish and nice outfit, the samaki's are awesome rods. I had the zecton which was really good. Next step is try some vibes. Ive been using them and hard bodies non stop lately.

Keep up the good work,


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They are some really nice fish for I.C in winter Ian.

The new outfit looks great. I'm jealous!

It's good to see that you are sticking with the local to

work it out. Nothing beats time to piece the puzzle together.

It's also really pleasing to see just how much your fishing has improved over the last 18 or so months

to the point where you are regularly nailing good bags instead of just the odd fish.

Well done mate. Keep it up.



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Thanks for the additional comments guys, much appreciated!

Stan: Yeah I'll to give the vibes a crack very soon, I've a got a few in the tackle box that are collecting dust so will put them into commission real soon.

Grant: Thanks so much for the encouraging comments. As for the outfit, I thought is was about time for me to step up from my Catana entry level SP outfit and get something that will be a pleasure to use without the need to upgrade anytime soon for the majority of fishing that I do. I've only used the new outfit once so far and it feels like a winner that will deliver. In fact a felt like a new person when I used it last weekend!

I remember some great tips you provided for fishing the bays on a previous report of mine and I've got them noted and try to apply them when I can :biggrin2: I have also been leaving the bait at home of late as it was very tempting for me to reach for the bait when things were quite using lures. No bait means you have no other option but to persist putting the time in and keep practicing the art. I still need to nail some of those big stonking bream on SP but I think it's just a matter of time now, I know they are there I just have to be good enough to get them to bite then even better to land them.

Thanks Grant for all your valuable help :thumbup:

Bassboy: Thanks! The Vamp is the 7ft version so exactly the same as yours! It's a lovely rod and the Sustain matches well with it and I'm looking forward to putting it to good use.

Have a top weekend Raiders

All the best


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No worries Ian,

If you want to land bigger bream, IMO go down in leader size. I have been using 2-4lb daiwa TD Sensor and 4lb Sunline FC.

If there is a light breeze over the water, again i found this helps alot. Especially fishing hard bodies.

I went out parra river last week using Berkley 3B's the minnow style and some morry kneebone minnows. I had a few bream, nothing special but getting absolutely plagued by taylor. Was also using TT lures vibes, and z-man grubz in motor oil and watermelon.

That shrimp immitation looks pretty cool, if your into them, try the atomic plazos i think the pattern is called craw something.

Hope this helps however; judging by your reports, you dont need any LOL.

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